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Immerse yourself in the sleek geometry of our Japandi Geometric Canva, where simple lines create profound visual harmony.

Size: 8"x12" / 21x30cm


Model: 1


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Product specification


HD Printing in Wrapped Canva = Inner Wooden Frame


Cotton Canva

Japandi Geometric Canva | Japandistore®

Sleek Lines, Serene Impressions

The Japandi Geometric Canva set celebrates the beauty of minimalism with its clean and precise lines, forming elegant arches and circles across three canvases. These pieces use a subtle yet impactful palette of beige, brown, and white, making them perfect for adding a sophisticated yet calming presence to any room. The repetitive arches and geometric precision reflect the Japandi ethos of harmony and balance, ensuring these artworks blend seamlessly into tranquil and thoughtfully curated spaces.

Architectural Beauty in Art Form

This trio of canvases is designed to captivate and soothe, making them ideal for environments where calm is cherished, such as living rooms, bedrooms, or meditative spaces. The consistency in theme across the three pieces allows for flexibility in display—align them side by side for a cohesive look or spread them throughout a space to create a unified theme. The simplicity and elegance of the design make these pieces a timeless addition to any interior design scheme. Enhance your decor by pairing these artworks with other minimalist items from our Japandi wall art collection to maintain a serene and harmonious home environment.

Japandi Geometric Canva | Japandistore®