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Refresh your decor with our Japandi Green Canva collection, a serene blend of nature-inspired designs and soothing greens.

Size: 8"x12" / 21x30cm


Model: A


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Product specification

Japandi Green Canva

HD Printing in Wrapped Canva = Inner Wooden Frame


Cotton Canva

Japandi Green Canva | Japandistore®

Natural Harmony in Artful Displays

The Japandi Green Canva collection features a series of art pieces that combine botanical elements with minimalist geometric forms, all set against a calming palette of greens and earth tones. Each canvas portrays a different aspect of nature, from rolling hills and leafy branches to stylized suns and organic shapes. These designs embody the Japandi philosophy of bringing the tranquility of nature indoors, promoting a peaceful and restorative home environment.

Artistic Fusion of Culture and Nature

This collection is ideal for anyone looking to infuse their living space with a touch of nature while maintaining a modern aesthetic. The varied but cohesive designs allow for flexibility in arrangement—hang them together for a stunning gallery wall or place them individually around your home to spread their calming influence. The subtle colors and simple forms make these canvases versatile enough to complement both contemporary and traditional decors. Enhance your interior by pairing these artworks with other nature-inspired pieces from our Japandi wall art collection to create a cohesive and naturally harmonious look.

Japandi Green Canva | Japandistore®