Japandi Horizontal Painting | Japandistore®

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Step into a world of muted elegance with our Japandi Horizontal Painting, a masterpiece of subtlety and style.

Size : 16"x28" / 40 x 70 cm


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Oil Paintings in Wrapped Canva = Inner Wooden Frame


Fabric Cloth

Japandi Horizontal Painting | Japandistore®

Sophisticated Minimalism in Wide Format

The Japandi Horizontal Painting captures the essence of minimalism through its expansive design and soothing color palette. This artwork features a broad horizontal canvas that allows the subtle interplay of neutral tones and abstract elements to shine. The central black sphere and delicate line work against the earthy background create a focal point that is both striking and serene, perfectly embodying the Japandi principle of harmonious simplicity.

Transformative Impact for Any Room

This painting's wide format makes it an ideal centerpiece for any living space, offering a tranquil yet impactful statement. It enhances the room by adding depth and visual interest, making it a perfect match for minimalist or modern decors. The soft, neutral tones ensure that it complements various color schemes, adding elegance without overpowering the space. Pair this unique piece with other minimalist art from our Japandi wall art collection to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Japandi Horizontal Painting | Japandistore®