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Delve into the delicate layers of our Japandi Watercolor Canva, where soft hues and fluid shapes merge to create a peaceful ambiance.

Model: A


Size: 8"x12" / 21x30cm


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Product specification


HD Printing in Wrapped Canva = Inner Wooden Frame


Cotton Canva

Japandi Water Color Canva | Japandistore®

Subtle Artistry in Watercolor

The Japandi Watercolor Canva set embodies the essence of Japandi aesthetics through its gentle watercolor designs that feature soft, overlapping circles and organic shapes. These canvases utilize a palette of muted pinks, beiges, and greys, each adding a layer of tranquility and warmth to the minimalist composition. The presence of textured details such as the dotted patterns enhances the visual interest, making each piece both simple and intricate.

Elegant Visual Harmony

Perfect for creating a serene and welcoming environment, these watercolor canvases are ideal for any living space that values understated beauty. Their soothing colors and abstract forms make them versatile enough to complement a range of decors, from modern minimalist to more traditional settings. Whether placed side by side or in separate areas of a room, they enhance the space with a sense of calm and sophistication. Pair these beautiful pieces with other artwork from our Japandi wall art collection to complete the look of a harmoniously decorated home.

Japandi Water Color Canva | Japandistore®