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Turn your Home into an Idyllic Japandi Retreat with this Canva

This Large Japandi Painting provides an elegant and stylish way to turn your home into a haven for relaxation, contemplation, and blissful home entertaining! With its calming earth tones in combination with modern shapes and patterns, this canva invites you to take a quiet moment of respite while basking in the warmth of your own home.

Whether you have an open plan living area or a more traditionally styled room, this japandi art piece blends flawlessly with almost any décor. Its contemporary design is the perfect balance of style and versatility that allows it to both blend in and stand out.

This Japandi Wall Art merges Japanese aesthetics with Scandinavian minimalism – providing an all-in-one solution that will add warmth, coziness, and character all in one go!

Size: 24"x32" / 60x80cm


Frame: Without


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Large Japandi Canva
Large Japandi Canva | Japandistore® Sale priceFrom $80.00 Regular price$120.00