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Add a Tropical Touch to your Home with the Oval Japandi Rattan Cabinet

The Oval Japandi Rattan Cabinet is an elegant piece of furniture that blends natural, versatile materials with Japanese and Scandinavian inspired designs. Its rattan construction gives it a rustic feel, while its oval shape stands out from other pieces in the room. It has a slight Eastern inspired flair, able to seamlessly incorporate into any home regardless of style.

Its design speaks of both minimalism and luxury, beautifully blending traditional and contemporary elements. The cabinet has a delicately lacquered finish, perfect for adding just enough color to catch the eye without being too showy or dominating. Inside the cabinet are two shelves and two drawers which are ideal for storing documents or other personal items in an organized manner.

The Oval Japandi Rattan Cabinet is ideal for anyone looking to add some subtlety and modern style to their living space while still allowing the natural beauty of fine wood craftsmanship shine through.

  • Size : see on pictures
Color: Walnut color
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