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Enrich Your Space With a Thick Japandi Curtain

This Thick Japandi Curtain is a high quality window curtain that brings an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation to any room.

It has a unique combination of classic Japanese design and modern Scandinavian style, which gives your home a luxurious touch.

Its thick fabric provides insulation against outside temperatures, helping keep your rooms cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter.

The beige color of the Thick Japandi Curtain means it beautifully coordinates with any interior design.

Whether you choose to have it draped over poles, hung like curtains, or installed as floor-to-ceiling curtains, it will provide privacy for you and your family without completely blocking off natural light.

No matter if you live in a contemporary or traditional home, this curtain will enhance the look and feel of any room with its beautiful fabric texture and pattern.

  • Material  : Chenille Fabric
  • Style : Dot Pattern
  • Technics : Woven
  • Feature : High Shading(70%-90%)
Size: W100cm H150cm
Processing: Grommet
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