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Japandi Chevron Curtains to Brighten Up Any Room

This Japandi Curtain brings a wonderful sense of calm to any room. Not only does it look wonderful, but its functionality is perfect for any setting.

Whether you’re looking to match the existing decor inside your home, apartment, or office space, Japandi Curtains will bring a stylish, chic aesthetic that fits in perfectly with all sorts of areas.

These beautiful curtains feature a unique japandi pattern made up of simple and classic chevron patterns that are sure to be eye-catching and artful.

The neutral colors make it possible to blend in with any color pallet but still bring in just enough of a pop of color to brighten up a room while not dominating it.

They are made from soft, high-quality materials giving anyone who chooses them an eye-catching window treatment no matter which way the light hits them.

This product is the perfect addition to anyone looking for something different yet visually stimulating for their home or office environment.

  • Material  : Chenille Fabric
  • Style : Dot Pattern
  • Technics : Woven
  • Feature : High Shading(70%-90%)
Size: W100cm H150cm
Processing: Grommet
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