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A Mirror with a Twist: Enjoy a Fun Japandi Experience

The Funny Japandi Mirror is a unique decor item that brings an unusual style to your home. The creative combination of traditional Japanese and Scandinavian styles makes it stand out from the crowd.

The muted earthy tones and detailed lines lend an air of tranquility to any room. With its bear silhouette, beveled edges and smooth curvature, the Japandi Mirror evokes a sense of Zen-like calmness in your home. Its unique design will add a touch of global style to any decor style and elevate the look of any room in your home.

The Funny Japandi Mirror will make an eye-catching statement with its simple yet striking appearance and is sure to draw the attention of visitors. Whether used as an accent piece in a living or dining area or as wall art in a bedroom or entryway, this unique mirror will provide both decorative appeal and light reflections for your space.

  • Size : 175x70cm
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