How to adopt the japandi style in your bedroom?

japandi bedroom

By blending Scandinavian style with Japanese decor, design enthusiasts have created a new trend : japandi. Inspiring calm and relaxation, this aesthetic concept relies on neutral shades and beautiful natural materials. Chosen to accompany a bedroom, it helps you fall asleep and get a good night's sleep. Japandistore guides you in reproducing this style at home.

What is the japandi style?

More than a decorative style, japandi is a true philosophy of life. It's synonymous with serenity and calm. It's perfectly suited to the bedroom, allowing you to enjoy a feeling of well-being as you drift off to sleep.

Where does this trend come from?

Japanese bedroom
A contraction of two terms, Japan and Scandinavia, japandi is an increasingly trendy decorative style. It borrows specific elements from each trend, such as Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian cocooning. It's easily recognized by a few distinctive pieces of furniture or soothing hues:

  • Uncluttered design, with an emphasis on functionality and comfort;
  • A minimalist style with few objects. The room is devoid of knick-knacks;
  • Neutral upholstery colors and natural materials (wood, cotton, wool, etc.);
  • Carefully selected bedding, with a quality box spring, mattress and mattress topper.

Japandi is directly inspired by ideas dear to these two regions of the world:

  • Wabi-sabi: Japanese tradition meaning "to seek beauty in the imperfect".
  • Hygge: a Scandinavian philosophy of life based on the pursuit of small, everyday pleasures. Fans of this trend enjoy, for example, curling up in a plaid in front of a roaring fire or sipping a cup of tea.

Can this style be applied to every room in the house?

If japandi design is ideal for a bedroom, it's equally ideal for other rooms in your home.

Create a serene atmosphere in the bathroom:

japandi bathroom

This decorating trend creates a relaxing bubble in the bathroom. To achieve this, place a large bathtub and/or walk-in shower for maximum comfort. Accompany these key elements with discreet, uncluttered furniture, ideally in natural wood. Simply remember to store your bathroom linen and products in the cupboards, so as not to visually overload the room. You can also add a closed chest of drawers to hold all your personal belongings. This will keep them out of sight.

Give your bedroom a cocooning touch:

japandi bedroom

To adopt this style in the night space, simply place a wooden bed with an elegant headboard. Careful selection of bed linen will create a serene atmosphere in your bedroom.

Creating a cosy living room

Japanese living room

The japandi style can also be adopted in the living room. You can achieve this by placing a few strong decorative pieces, such as an imposing sofa, for example. The idea here is to limit yourself to the addition of a few pieces of furniture, keeping the decor simple. Then add a few decorative objects, such as original lighting fixtures or a soft rug. You can also install a few wooden shelves.

How can I create a japandi atmosphere in my bedroom?

Japanese bedroom with desk
Seduced by the cosy ambience of this style, you're dreaming of a warm bedroom. All you need to do is choose wood furniture and/or natural materials. Combined with neutral shades and a few cosy accessories, the result will be stunning.

Focus on the essentials

To make a success of your japandi interior design, limit yourself to the essentials when it comes to furniture. In the bedroom, few pieces of furniture are enough to combine comfort and functionality:

  • Here, the bed is the most important element. Choose it for its comfort, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep. This is particularly true of electric relaxation bedding sets. Consisting of a motorized slat base, this type of bedding gives you optimum support, but also excellent independence for each sleeper. Your nights are peaceful;
  • For your wooden bedside table, opt for sobriety. A warm, unobtrusive design is ideal for your minimalist bedroom decor;
  • A dressing room is also essential. Closed, it holds your clothes or accessories to keep the room as uncluttered as possible. It can be accompanied by other types of storage such as a chest, wardrobe, chest of drawers or even a TV cabinet.

It's also possible to add a few accessories, provided you choose them carefully. An XXL rug, for example, looks great in a japanese bedroom. We particularly recommend jute rugs, which are sturdy, easy to care for and right in line with the Japanese trend.

Choosing the right materials

japandi wooden living room
True to the influences of Scandinavian design, the Japandi style emphasizes beautiful materials such as natural wood. It's therefore important to choose this material when furnishing your bedroom. If you choose a light-colored finish, it won't darken the room. You'll retain a beautiful luminosity, while also adding a cocooning touch. You can choose it for all your furniture, from your bed to your bedside tables. The idea here is to create harmony and unity.

  • Stone, waxed concrete, cork and bamboo are also popular materials for a japandi bedroom. They bring naturalness to wall and floor coverings.
  • If you need to create a work area in your bedroom, here again, choose natural materials. With a wooden desk, you'll preserve the Zen spirit of the space.
  • Linen should be chosen with care, selected for its quality. Linen and cotton are appreciated for their robustness and softness, but also for their refined look. They are ideal for curtains and sheers, as well as pillowcases and fitted sheets.

Use natural colors

japandi luxury bedroom

In the bedroom or any other room in the house, opt for soft, neutral shades:

For example, prefer beige or ecru to cold white;

  • Add touches of taupe or caramel to keep with the natural shades of wood;
  • It's also possible to sublimate the decor with a few additions of gray. This is particularly relevant in a japandi kitchen or bathroom with stone elements (sink, basin, tiles, etc.);
  • If you like color, it's still possible to adopt it in dashes, opting for deeper natural hues. For example, forest green or midnight blue.

A touch of greenery

japandi nature bedroom

After choosing materials and colors, it's time for accessories. To create a japandi atmosphere, add plants. Bring nature into your home to take full advantage of its soothing properties:

  • Bare branches can be used for wall decorations. Cherry, plum or driftwood branches are generally preferred;
  • Bouquets of dried flowers enhance your shelves. They add a splash of color to the decor, while maintaining harmony throughout the room;
  • Pampas leaves, both tall and voluminous, are ideal for enhancing the space without overloading it. They can be placed in vases or transparent pots for greater sobriety;
  • An accumulation of plants adds a cosy feel to the room. Choose the different varieties according to your desires, but above all according to their aesthetic appeal. You can then place them in different parts of the room, or group them together for a jungle effect.

Creating a bright atmosphere

japandi bedroom light

In a bedroom, light should be soft and diffused. The japandi trend advocates just this type of lighting, favoring accent lamps or LED ceiling lights. To choose them, simply select the purest models, made from natural materials:

  • Rattan or bamboo fixtures are right on trend;
  • A mix of wood and metal is equally successful. It combines the aesthetics of Scandinavian decoration with minimalist Japanese style;
  • The lightness of paper lamps fits perfectly with this style. It diffuses a very soft light;
  • For secondary lighting, consider a floor lamp. It can be used as a desk or reading corner in the bedroom;
  • A rattan lantern can highlight your plants. Placed on the floor, amidst the vegetation, it adds to the cocooning character of the rest of the decor.

Focusing on the essentials, the japandi trend opts for quality over quantity. By streamlining the room while favoring beautiful materials, the atmosphere is intimate, cozy and particularly soothing. You'll enjoy a real cocoon, every night, when you go to bed.

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