Japandi Kitchen : How to decorate properly ?

japandi kitchen

Introduced a few years ago, the Japandi trend is now imposing its gentle way of life. Let's discover how you can implement in your kitchen the right way! šŸŖ‘

What is Japandi style?

A few years ago, the term "Japandi" was still unknown, but now it's becoming more and more popular. In the world of interior design, the word refers to a trend born of a blend of influences. A contraction of "Japan"Ā šŸ‡ÆšŸ‡µ and "Scandinavia"Ā šŸ‡³šŸ‡“, Japandi is the result of the encounter between the Japanese Zen movement and pure Scandinavian design.

japandi dining room
However, it has managed to find its own style, skilfully drawing inspiration from various arts of living such as wabi-sabi and hygge. Coming straight from the land of the rising sun, the first concept celebrates the imperfection of things, while the second, of Swedish origin, aims to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere conducive to relaxation. šŸ§˜ā€ā™‚ļø

The key elements for a Japandi Kitchen : Comfort and conviviality

japandi kitchen decor

The Japandi style is inspired by the cocooning atmosphere of Scandinavia to create a convivial, comfortable space. The choice of colors and materials creates aĀ calmĀ atmosphere. As for the soft lines of the furniture, they reinforce the warm, cosy ambiance.Ā 

Opt for an open kitchen

A return to the essentials: this is the quest of the Japandi trend. It advocates dispossession and the art of living better with less, summed up by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's famous "less is more".

Ā It is time to open the kitchen to the living room and dining room and bet on multifunctional spaces, nothing corseted, which favor the day to day and allow each family member can perform a different activity at the same time, sharing much more than a space.

AsĀ the kitchen is open to the living area, make sure that the lounge area follows the gentle curves to accentuate the comforting, soothing spirit of the space.

japandi open kitchen

If theĀ space allows it, do not hesitate to introduce a disconnection corner, from a bench to an armchair or the end of the bar, so you can relax while you finish the dishwasher, accompany the cook in his task or take your mid-afternoon coffee quietly.

Try a central island that invites sharing

japandi kitchen island

The choice of a kitchen island is equally important. To make mealtimes an ode to conviviality, opt for a central island with a masterly allure. Positioned between two preparation areas, it acts as a warm and inviting link.

Opt for a model that allows several people to gather around a drink or eat some good food šŸ—. By selecting a model with an airy aesthetic, circulation in the room will be fluid.Ā 

Don't hesitate to mix styles

Since it is a decorative style born from the combination of two trends, the mix of decorations, pieces and colors is part of its DNA šŸ§¬. In addition, this variety of nuances enriches the look of the kitchen, allowing us to update its look more easily. Opt for key elements of both, from the typical Nordic chair to a paper lamp or a vase with a cherry branch, without forgetting the special touch of metal accessories.

Use sober tones for an elegant dining area

In a Japandi-style kitchen, neutral tones are the order of the day. The chromatic palette covers a wide range. It ranges from white and black to gray and shades of brown.Ā 

japandi color palette

In this type of decor, simple, natural hues breathe elegance while diffusing serenity and well-being. The play of colors in this styleĀ evokes the earth and introduces the outdoor environment revealed behind the arches and curtains.

The addition of a green plant on the worktop can also be enough to soften the sleek style of a dining area and break a certain monotony.

Put natural materials in the spotlight for a perfect japandi kitchen

japandi wooden kitcchen

In your dining area, give pride of place to natural, durable materials such as stone or concrete. Timeless woodĀ šŸŖµ is available in raw, light or dark versions. And to create contrasts, a mix of light and dark wood is an enlightened choice.

Choose wooden chairsĀ šŸŖ‘ around theĀ kitchen islandĀ to create an authentic atmosphere.Ā 

Wooden utensils and crockery will also look great displayed on open shelves or placed on the worktop.

A mineral note is also welcome. For example, a credenza in terrazzo, a material composed of granite and coloured marble, will personalize a Japandi-style kitchen.

ChooseĀ the right accessories

Although we shy away from excess, this does not mean that you should renounce certain objects such as a ceramic vase, a salad bowl in the center of the table or a tea service in a corner.

Ideally, they should be handmade accessories that stand out for their authenticity or art. To complete the decoration of your 'japandi' kitchen and add a vegetal touch, do not hesitate to add plants, which create a connection with nature and the outdoors, while adding a refreshing touch of color, without turning this room into a jungle.

Alternatively, think of vases of cherry branches or pampasĀ flowers for a touch of bohemian chic.

Put everything in order

best japandi kitchen

ClutteredĀ spaces cannot be associated with a 'japandi' style kitchen that makes order one of its greatest virtues. A good organization where everything is in its place, both outside and inside the furniture, provides calm, favors concentration, helps to feel better and, as Marie Kondo says, even makes us happier.

First of all, it is essential to organize what you have and keep only the essentials: clear the countertop, store what you have in the right place and organize the inside of the cabinets. Use pantry modules, display cabinets or columns and prioritize closed solutions, rather than open ones, such as shelves.

Choose the best Japandi Lighting for a kitchen

Light is a key element in the 'japandi' trend. Natural light should flood everything and, if possible, let us enjoy the view. To do this, clear the windows of tall furniture, do without curtains or use light fabrics. Artificial lightingĀ šŸ›‹ should be softĀ and create a calm and comforting atmosphere, but also functional in certain areas where specific lighting is required to perform tasks, such as fireplaces or worktops.

In ceramic or opaque glass, whenever you can, do not hesitate to introduce a paper orĀ natural fiber lamp to add a Japanese touch to your decor.

japandi lighting

The Japandi style kitchen creates a sophisticated atmosphere while promoting a truly gentle way of life. Will youĀ fall for it too?

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