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Experience the Comfort of Japandi Style with this Embroidered Pillowcase

The Embroidered Japandi style Pillowcase is the embodiment of tranquility in decor. Soft hues of grey and white combined with delicate patterns create an ethereal ambiance that encourages relaxation and self-care.

The fabric itself is designed to be soft against the skin and smooth to the touch, instantly calming the body and welcoming in a sense of calm.

The pattern itself has been carefully embroidered to bring together two distinct aesthetics, Japanese minimalism and Scandanavian tradition to create something unique yet timeless.

This pillow cover can be used as a simple addition or an accent piece for any room of any size. Whether placed on a bed, chair, or sofa – this pillow cover will add texture and style while adding a sense of warmth that withstands trends.

  • Fabric  Cotton & Linen
Model: A-45x45cm
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