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Create A Zen-Like Vibe With Japandi Bedroom Wall Light

The Japandi Bedroom Wall Light is a modern take on traditional Japanese design and aesthetics. It stands as a unique statement piece that is both artistic and calming in its simplicity. It is perfect for creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that is ideal for any bedroom or living space looking to create a cozy, inviting ambiance.

Its marble-toned frame radiates warmth while its soft dimmable light emits an even, comforting glow that doesn’t overpower the room.

The body of the lamp adopts a minimalist approach while still incorporating traditional Japanese flourishes like geometric shapes. It acts as the perfect addition to any wall decor by adding a unique touch without being intrusive or overwhelming.

As such, it serves as the perfect accent piece for any bedroom, living room or dining room looking to tap into serene oriental vibes from ancient cultures. Plus, due to its size and weight, it can be mounted on almost any wall surface without having to undertake any complicated renovations.

By seamlessly combining functionality with style, the Japandi Bedroom Wall Light acts as both elegant decoration and effective illumination device that will enhance every kind of home décor with an effortless ease. Whether looking to add warmth and coziness in a bedroom or balance general lighting in a larger living area, this alluring piece of décor can do just that all while adding its own beautiful flair in these spaces through simple design and subtle ambience.

  • Material : Marble
  • Bulb type : G9
  • Color Temperature : Warm White
  • Wattage : 5W


Model: A
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