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A Perfect Japandi Touch With a Bud Vase

Japandi Bud Vase is an elegant and modern piece that will instantly become the focal point of any room.

It's a staple accessory for anyone looking to bring a touch of contemporary minimalism to their interior.

The Japandi Bud Vase has a unique design that blends traditional Japanese and Scandinavian design elements.

Its curvature and its light wood finish bring warmth and organic beauty. With its classic sleek shape, the Japandi Bud Vase will easily fit into any décor, whether vintage-inspired or contemporary.

It can be placed anywhere to create an inviting atmosphere while also making an eye-catching statement.

Whether it's on an entryway table or dresser, the Japandi Bud Vase will certainly add elegance and serenity to your living space.

You can use it as a standalone piece, or you can accessorize it with plants or graceful stems to give it more depth and interest.The possibilities are endless when it comes to using this beautiful piece as an accent in your home!

Color: White Height 23CM
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