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Bring Out an Element of Zen with the Japandi Ceramic Vase

The Japandi Ceramic Vase is a beautiful and unique piece of art, skillfully crafted by hand and painted with incredible detail. It has a timeless feel that will fit harmoniously into any room of your home to bring that special touch of elegance.

* The intricate swirls and swirls of delicate pastel colors combine to create a work of art worthy of decorating any space.

** The design is eye-catching, yet subtle enough so it won't overwhelm the space. When looking at the vase from different angles, you'll find varying depths to its design which adds character and stands out among more generic pieces.

*** Plus, despite its delicate look, this piece is remarkably sturdy while being lightweight enough to move wherever needed with ease.

Whether you have a contemporary or traditional style home or office, adding this vase will help evoke a certain calming atmosphere wherever it's placed while constantly reminding you to appreciate smaller details in life.

Color: 11 x 15 x 7 cm
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