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Bring a Japandi Touch with the Double Table Lamp by Your Side

The Japandi Double Table Lamp is the perfect way to bring balance and harmony into any living space. It takes elements from Japanese and Scandinavian cultures to create a stunning and timeless piece that will be appreciated for years to come.

The minimalist design allows for it to fit into any décor style, whether modern, traditional, or something in between. The antique gold finish adds an air of sophistication to the lamp's construction while a pair of lightbulbs provide a warm glow that's sure to brighten any room.

The rectangular shade completes its look by providing ample lighting during the day or night while adding visual interest as well as an intriguing contrast against its golden base. Not only is it functional, but its elegant form and eye-catching design make it a beautiful piece that will instantly become the focal point of any space.

With its classic yet bold personality, the Japandi Double Table Lamp is sure to captivate anyone who takes notice of its beauty–in both form and function.

Body Color: A
Wattage: white light
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