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A Geometric Masterpiece - Introducing the Japandi Vase

The Japandi Geometric Vase is a stunning piece of craftsmanship that imbues finesse and delicacy with its illustrations. It has an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless. The vase celebrates the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies in one beautiful piece of art.

Its gentle silhouette is slightly tapered at the bottom but broader up top, reminiscent of an inverted cone set on a round base. The graceful lines draw your eye up the side, urged along by the symmetrical angles cut into each facet.

These delicate slices allow for some light to peek through the body, creating a gorgeous light display in any setting or room. The omission of glitters or shadows brings out the sense of tranquility emanating from this vase.

The color palette consists mostly in various shades of grey, white and black which perfectly conveys its soft touch vibe and minimalistic design sensibilities. In short, Japandi Geometric Vase is perfect for adding some subtle sophistication to any home décor style without going overboard or too stark.

  • Type: Japandi Geometric Vase
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size : see picture
Color: White
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