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Striking Sophistication with a Rattan Japandi Table Lamp

The Rattan Japandi Table Lamp is a unique blend of modern design and indigenous materials. It celebrates both Japanese and Scandinavian design elements, blending minimalist style with natural materials like rattan. The structure is made with thin pieces of wood, polished carefully to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in any room.

The kind craftsmanship allows the heat from the LED bulbs to spread out evenly over the table and ensure an attractive and consistent light. The simple shades add another layer of modernism to this unique piece. Bringing them home not only adds light but also aesthetic appeal to any room they're featured in.

Its delicate and airy elegance makes it perfect for adding a soft, casual touch to living areas like bedrooms and living rooms, while its natural-looking shape still allows it to fit nicely in dining areas or other high-traffic areas in the home. All-in-all, it’s an ideal pick if you’re watching for some subtle yet sophisticated lighting with plenty of character and charisma.

  • Size : see on pictures
Body Color: black lampbody
Size: EU Plug
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